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Welcome to La Torre del Codina

"Nature, history and sustainability"
Rural tourism house located halfway between the counties of Urgell and Segarra, in the area of Talladell – Tàrrega.
It is an exceptional place to discover, to see nature and to feel the architecture of the past. This seventeenth-century house has been carefully restored and equipped with plenty of services to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable!
The house produces many kinds of clean and renewable energy (wind, thermal, photovoltaic and biomass), and it is self-sufficient to a 90%. It is located in the heart of an organic farm at an altitude of 480 meters above sea level and in a beautiful and scenic natural location.
   Tourism Reg. Nº: PL-000734

UTM Coordinates:

x 348.524,83 - y 4.609.825,79 Fus: 31

Latitude: 41º 37' 34,50" N (41.6262494784)
Longitude: 1º 10' 51,39" E (1.1809410896)

La Torre del Codina Blog:

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